From left Sharon, Sally, Judy, Matt, Brian, Jon, Dave and Phil.
Brief info

Sharon, Judy and Sally are extremely creative hanging basket and container planting specialists and are renowned for their skill and experience.

Matt is often on the end of a hosepipe watering and caring for the plants on the ground as well as Hanging baskets. When not watering he often is part of a team that hangs and records the location of the customers baskets and containers.

Brian is supremely skilled in mastering our state of the art Urbinati RW16 which transplants hundreds of thousands of plants in pot less trays and packs during the season for our contract customers.

Jon, while he`s not supervising a team on the Mayer Potstar, transplanting into 9cm, 10.5cm, 1 Litre and 2 Litre Pots, he will be organising hand transplanting large non-machinable plug plants into packs and pots.

Dave is Baginton`s chief Van driver and delivers customers’ orders nationwide along with a team that share the work load.

Phil has his work cut out, solving any maintenance issues with complete calm and skill!

All staff without exception will roll their sleeves up and are trained to multi task on a daily basis and you`ll find Phil for example, planting up Hanging baskets when he`s not got a hammer in his hand!