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Caring for the Environment

Reducing our human footprint

on the planet

Here at Baginton’s we have an Environmental Policy that sets out how we run as Wholesale Contract Growers. We want to continually reduce our human footprint on the planet. This includes reducing, reusing and recycling, using less fuel, less water and less chemicals where we can.

We recognise that certain procedures for the protection of the environment are now a fundamental factor of any long-term business development plan. We actively seek to reduce our impact on the environment in the production and distribution of our plant products.

Our policy for good environmental management practice is demonstrated by our commitment to:
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle packaging where available
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle pots, trays and packaging where possible
  • Recycle cardboard, polystyrene, plastic and paper.
  • Use of natural biological control methods for pest and disease control (where technically possible)
  • Only use the least environmentally harmful chemicals where chemical control becomes necessary
  • Reduce and optimize the use of fuel by using computerised control.
  • Use controlled release fertiliser (only where fertiliser is necessary) to prevent excessive nutrient leaching
  • Reduce chemical use by using air circulation fans in the glasshouses
  • Conserve water by use of efficient irrigation of all crops (which also minimises pollution run-off risk)
  • Use the DIF techniques to regulate plant growth (this involves using different day and night temperature, not growth regulants).
  • We are committed to a peat reduction strategy and are currently using 50% peat reduced compost.
  • Water Savings and reduced watering frequency
  • H2 Grow is now incorporated in our compost, reducing our water usage. It has a 3 in 1 mode of action – wetting and spreading agent, penetrating agent and re-wetting agent. It is a granular product allowing for long lasting results and also guards against plant stress so plants stay in healthier condition after they are sold.
  • Slower drying out of the compost means reduced frequency of watering which produces savings in labour costs. Water applied to H2 Grow treated compost re-wets even after drying due to its hydrophilic properties.  The water is evenly spread throughout the compost, avoiding dry spots.